We are an organized association of workers, throughout many industries, formed to protect and further their rights and interests in the workplace. Community is important to us; we provide local workers with local jobs.
These jobs are good union jobs with benefits and living wages.

Our Mission

Connect local workers with construction careers that support families.

Hold elected officials and employers accountable for creating jobs, lifting standards, and building a better Gulf Coast.

Connect local workers with construction careers that support families.

Ensure that sustainable community interests are considered in development at all stages.

Why We Do What We Do

While the Gulf Coast was very fortunate to avoid the absolute worst of the recent recession, we all know that there are many people in our communities who are in desperate need of chances to secure good work.

Our states cannot be said to be truly moving forward if we are leaving any of our neighbors behind. At Build Gulf Coast, we are committed to investing in infrastructure and investing in communities. We will do this by focusing our recruitment efforts on parts of Mississippi and Louisiana suffering from the highest rates of unemployment and poverty, as well as seeking out those who have served our country overseas but cannot find employment at home, and connecting those workers with construction careers. If we do this, we believe we’ll be able to make a significant, measurable difference in our community.

We also understand that there is a difference between a construction job and a good construction job. The workers recruited, trained and dispatched through Build Gulf Coast! will earn good pay, insurance for themselves and their families, and a pension that will help ensure a comfortable, dignified retirement.

There is no reason why the men and women who build our cities cannot be the same folks who have made Louisiana and Mississippi the place where they raise their children, go to church, and spend their hard-earned money.

Workers who earn a decent living building their communities literally from the ground up will be active in their neighborhoods in other ways, coaching little league, voting, and helping others in need.

At Build Gulf Coast!, we want to help create these pillars of the community. Additionally, a strong, skilled, local workforce is a magnet to investment. When firms and investors want to put their resources into an infrastructure or development project, the presence of a reliable, accessible source of workers to build it is very attractive. To maximize our competitiveness for investment and business relocation among our peer cities, we need a workforce that can be turned to easily and quickly to do the job. And Build Gulf Coast! can help provide that.

As our economy continues its recovery and we invest more and more of our own tax dollars in public projects, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that those investments generate the greatest possible return. Build Gulf Coast! recognizes the obvious truth that local tax dollars going to local workers keeps our economy thriving and makes every dollar collected and spent by our government reverberate over and over again through our local economy, helping our families, schools and small business property taxes, utility fees and sales taxes affect every member of our community.

Build Gulf Coast! believes that every effort should be made to make the most out of the dollars that go to building our city, putting our friends and neighbors to work and creating a strong workforce that will build and strengthen our community well into the future.

It nearly goes without saying that we can’t put our neighbors to work building our city without contractors hiring them. A good contractor’s job is to complete the project he or she is awarded as quickly and safely as possible, to do quality work that lasts, and to treat their workers with respect and dignity.

At Build Gulf Coast!, we believe in providing the best construction training in the industry to the workers we recruit, producing a workforce that is skilled, efficient and safe on the construction site. This saves time, lives and money for the workers, the contractor, the cities and ultimately, the taxpayers. Beyond that, Build Gulf Coast! offers contractors an easy source of good workers. Rather than having to recruit their own employees from wherever they can be found, Build Gulf Coast! can provide a consistent, reliable stream of trained workers who have a personal interest in building their own community. This saves the contractor time and money in finding and recruiting his or her own employees.

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